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“While I was studying in Moscow, there was no connection with the teacher Aminjanov. I returned in 1972, just Aminjanov worked on the facade of the Philharmonic, where he assembled the mosaic "Shashmakom." He did this work with his students, and asked me to help him, as there were not enough people, and I already had experience. And I worked with him for several days. Then he offered me to work with him, but I replied that "I have my own way and I need to find it." But for several days I still helped the master to work on this mural. "

Aziz Avazov

About Us

Bactria was founded by ACTED, a French non-governmental organization, in 2001 to address the problems of access to culture, information and education in Tajikistan and today it is the center of cultural life in Central Asia.

In collaboration with government, donors, civil society, the business community, artists and the public,
Bactria offers a number of educational activities, including vocational training, language courses and courses in contemporary art,
as well as cultural events spanning literature, music, visual and performing arts.
Currently, Bactria works through an office in the city of Dushanbe of a representative / coordinator in the city of Khujand and a language school in the city of Murghab.


Position: Project Researcher

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