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  /  Darra Fingelton

Darra Fingelton

Project researcher

Darra Fingelton

Deputy Director for ACTED in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, former manager for strategic development of the Bactria Cultural Center

and project manager for mosaic mapping in Dushanbe.

Darra hails from Ireland, but spent most of the past decade in Central Asia, mainly in Tajikistan. Before joining Bactria, he worked in local civil society organizations and research groups. Darra holds a master’s degree from the University of Bern in Switzerland. The author of the dissertation on places of memory and the construction of historical narratives in Central Asia. It was the approach in his scientific work that formed the basis of this Project.

In fact, Darra is already working on developing concepts for mapping the historical and cultural wealth of Central Asia in all its diversity. This project allowed Darra to, among other things, walk the streets of Dushanbe in search of the city’s disappearing past and document it so that one day he could build a bridge to the city’s future.

email: dfingleton@gmail.com